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Welcome to my Web Site. I am a Residential Remodeling Professional with over 30 years experience doing repairs, design/build projects, home inspections and consultations for home owners. Buying, rehabbing and selling low to moderate priced homes for my own business and enjoyment.

The purpose of this site is to provide you the home owner with real advice about DIY projects, consultations for working with contractors or repairmen. If your in the Chattanooga, Tn. area you can hire me to do projects for you or with you.

My Qualifications

I have always been fascinated with home building and just building in general. My youngest memory was when I was 4 and my dad bought an old farm house to tear down and build us a brand new home. I remember walking around the old house and not being allowed to go inside because it wasn't safe. The next thing I remember is a completed house with a huge stack of lumber 10' high and 30' square (the remains of the old house)piled on the other side of the driveway. For many years I got to climb on that stack of wood  and I guess it was in my blood after that. As new houses were built around us I was always the nosey kid asking questions and watching how the tradesman did their jobs. My dad's hobby was wood working and at young age (about 8) he started teaching me how to use hand tools and build projects of all types. By the time I was 10 I was using power tools  like a pro. At the age of 12 my dad wanted to tear down the old barn on the property and build a new 3 car garage. What fun that was. my very first big project. My dad owned his own business and during the day I would cut the studs and nail the walls together, when he would come home at night we would set the walls or what ever else had to be done until the garage was finished. I decided then that I wanted to design and build houses when  I  grew up. I entered college to study architecture in 1971. In the 2 years I attended I never had one class about home design, it was all art classes and standard college courses. Their main program was to teach you how to build skyscrapers, which I had no interest in building. I took over my dad's business and continued learning on my own remodeling houses and the new store front we bought. Skip forward a few years and the business was closed after 50 years of serving the public. After that I started doing CATV custom installations in multimillion $ home as well as regular homes, apartment buildiing and hospitals. I learned a lot about good and bad construction in homes. I estimate that I was in over 15000 homes during that time. After leaving the CATV business in 1984 I opened my first remodeling business in Michigan until closing it and moving to  Tennessee in 1989. I opened up a new remodeling and  building company at that time and to this day still practice my skills.

I have held a Home Builders License and Realtors License from Michigan. In Tennessee I have an Electricans license, a home builder license is not needed for the type of work that I do here. Skilled trades include: Carpentry (Rough & Finish), Plumbing, Electrical, Drywall, Painting, Roofing & Block Laying, I have good basic knowledge of most other trades used around the home.   



Contact Me

Please contact me for consulations at the email below. Tell me what you would like to discuss in a brief message and I will reply to you with the cost. Prices range from $5 for simple questions to $100 for in depth projects. Larger projects over an extended period will be charge by the hour @ $50/hr.


Please contact me for estimates at the email below. Estimates are always FREE.